University of Louisville


Housing and Market Demand Assessment – Health Sciences Center

Client Opportunities

Define long-term strategic objectives for student housing

Quantify the demand for Student Housing at the Health Sciences Campus and evaluate the off-campus market to inform implementation recommendations


B&D Approach

Conducted focus group and stakeholder interviews to gain qualitative information regarding housing preferences and current living conditions, and to inform the development of a student survey instrument

Conducted a student survey looking at student housing preferences and price sensitivities, and then completed a demand-based programming (DBP) analysis to quantify the demand for student housing based on data collected

Guided a Strategic Asset Value (SAV) visioning session to develop strategic project objectives

Performed an off-campus housing analysis to better understand the costs, amenities, competition, and other key metrics of the off-campus housing market


Project Outcomes

B&D quantified the demand for graduate student housing and advised UofL on unit type recommendations, project location, community-style, amenities, and price points.

Confirmed that future housing is critical to recruitment objectives and must support student engagement

Recommended next steps, including evaluating the on-campus Med-Dent Apartment Facilities to examine specific property opportunities and integrate the market and demand assessment into the housing master plan