City College of San Francisco

San Francisco,

Health And Wellness Center Programming And Design Review

The campus population at City College of San Francisco had long since surpassed the design capacity of its athletic and recreation space on campus, and existing facilities were outdated, in the middle of renovation, and/or in need of major repair or replacement. In 2002 B&D was asked to confirm and refine the existing outline program, provide technical and operational insight, review drawings, and provide input throughout the design process for a new facility. The challenge for this project was its limited and sloping site which required: access to the building from two opposite directions; the need to secure the facility while retaining accessibility for spectators and other users/students; balancing the needs of multiple users; and creating an open social atmosphere in a high-traffic, dense urban setting. In January of 2008, the $85 million, 156,000SF LEED-certified Community Health and Wellness Center opened.