Loyola University Medical Center


Health And Fitness Center Business Planning And Strategic Plan

In 1995 the Loyola University Medical Center identified the need to improve and expand its existing wellness and fitness facilities serving staff, faculty, and students. B&D was retained to evaluate the Medical Center’s demand for wellness and fitness activities, to develop a building concept which met these needs, and to develop financial and strategic plans to address the Medical Center’s development and operation of the new facility. Our scope of work included a market analysis of employee and student demand; an analysis of financial support for wellness and fitness space; the development of an outline program for proposed new construction; design review; and the creation of a financial model which balanced total project costs, the required membership fees, and additional sources of revenue. We also were responsible for devising the business and strategic plans, which included a marketing strategy, financial analysis, a demographic comparison, and risk mitigation plan. This document was used as a guide for implementation of the plan for its new 62,000 square foot, $10 million facility. The Health and Fitness Center opened in 1997 and has performed very consistently with the operating revenue and expense parameters established in our business plan.