St. Christopher’s School


Head Of School Residence Master Planning Study

While developing its campus master plan, St. Christopher’s School identified a Head of School’s residence to be an important long-term facility need. In 2006 B&D was asked to facilitate a study to determine the implications of this residence on the master plan and on adjacent real estate opportunities. Currently, the school used a private home that did not have the kitchen or parking to host a 40-person dinner, nor an office or an upstairs family room. We presented three models to consider: private home, public functions and residence, and overnight guest facility. We also gathered information from 12 peer/model schools concerning their Head’s residences. Data included size; logistics; frequency of events; space for meetings and family gatherings; parking capabilities; usage as a recruitment tool and school functions; ownership; maintenance; and desired improvements. We found most of the schools owned a Head’s residence on the campus edge. Several scenarios were then reviewed, all aimed at blending with the campus, being versatile for events, being an efficient use of school resources, and maintaining the quality feel of the neighborhood. As a result, we empowered the school to confirm its priorities, determine a target timeframe, and develop a potential ownership structure for the proposed Head of School residence.