Washington University in St. Louis — Washington University School of Medicine

St. Louis,

Graduate Student Housing Market Study

In 2008 the Washington University School of Medicine selected B&D to prepare a market study analyzing the feasibility of redeveloping the current medical student campus housing facility, Spencer T. Olin Residence Hall (“the hall”). The purpose of the proposed development was to offer a safe place for students to meet, learn the city, move on, and make room for incoming students. It was not meant to replace community housing, but rather to serve the role of recruitment and safe harbor for new students. It would contain three possible unit types: single studios, one-bedroom apartments, and two-bedroom apartments. Our scope of work included a detailed examination of the hall, interviews with senior administrators at the university, discussions with students, interpreting student preference and demand from a survey, and analyzing the off-campus housing market. We issued a series of recommendations based on our analysis of administrator insights, student preferences, and the off-campus market and determined that, while there was substantial variety in the off-campus market to appeal to School of Medicine students, the proposed campus housing development would cater to a distinct niche of the student market whose needs were unmet by existing off-campus properties.