Princeton University


Graduate Student, Faculty, And Staff Housing Master Plan

In 2001, Princeton University engaged B&D to evaluate the extent to which the university and its environs were meeting the university’s mission, maintaining the facilities, keeping pace with national housing trends and philosophies, and addressing future demands with regard to graduate student, faculty, and staff housing. We were charged with using this assessment to develop a comprehensive graduate student, faculty and staff housing plan to respond to the projected housing demand and operational efficiencies. Accordingly, we completed a market analysis; graduate student, faculty, and staff housing demand models based on findings from the market analysis; and a preliminary financial analysis. The analysis included an existing graduate student, faculty and staff housing facilities assessment; an on- and off-campus market analysis; demand projections; strategy development; and recommendations. Our findings revealed that Princeton had unmet demand for graduate student, faculty, and staff rental housing that could be addressed through replacement of, and additions to, its existing facilities. We found that the private market was not competitive with the university’s housing and, therefore, many students, faculty, and staff had come to depend on the university for their housing needs.