University of San Diego

San Diego,

Graduate Student, Faculty, And Staff Housing Market Analysis

In 2007 the University of San Diego retained B&D to conduct a market analysis related to the potential development of faculty, staff, and/or graduate student rental housing on campus. The university was located in one of the most active and expensive housing markets in the country and had experienced significant difficulty ensuring that its workforce and graduate students found affordably priced local housing. It had addressed this problem in the past via $10,000 in housing assistance for selected new hires and university-backed home loans, and many individuals had taken advantage of those offerings. However, the cost of housing in San Diego remained prohibitive to many faculty and staff members. As a result, we were tasked with completing a series of analyses and providing recommendations for market supported and financially feasible unit configurations and quantities. Based on information from the faculty and staff survey, we identified demand for 89 beds in one-, two-, and three-bedroom configurations. When adding graduate students to the equation, demand rose to 312 beds. To accommodate that demand, we recommended developing 50 one-bedroom / one-bath units, 100 two-bedroom / two-bath units, and 50 three-bedroom / three-bath units, ranging from 700 to 1,200 square feet.