Dartmouth College


Graduate Student And Faculty/staff Housing Demand Study

In 2012 Dartmouth College selected B&D to perform a graduate student, faculty, and staff housing demand study to identify latent and future housing demand and to determine if the current product mix met the needs of those communities. The college wished to learn whether there was sufficient demand to expand its existing 500 beds of graduate student and workforce housing. We conducted a series of stakeholder interviews with campus administrators, examined campus demographic trends, and studied the area’s real estate housing market. We then led focus group sessions with representatives of each community, and also developed an online survey to test housing needs and preferences. The information gathered was then synthesized and used to inform a demand model and to qualitatively understand specific housing preferences. A benchmark analysis of the private market rental supply also was performed, examining the area within a 10-mile campus radius. We determined there was demand for new beds for graduate students, faculty, and staff, and we outlined specific recommendations to accommodate all three groups.