Balfour Beatty Campus Solutions (University of Nevada, Reno)


Graduate / Family Student Housing Market Study

B&D was retained by Balfour Beatty Campus Solutions in 2012 to assess the feasibility of a new graduate/family student housing facility on the University of Nevada, Reno campus. Our scope of work included an on-campus kick-off meeting with University of Nevada, Reno administrators, student focus groups, an off-campus housing analysis, a student survey, and a housing demand analysis. We proceeded to research the off-campus rental market to understand the location, amenity offerings, and price points of housing available to graduate/family students at the university. Student focus groups were conducted to understand current off-campus housing options, preferences, and recommendations related to Balfour Beatty’s proposed project. The qualitative information compiled during the student focus group sessions helped form the questions asked in a student survey. Finally, we performed a demand analysis. In order to determine which students to consider within these demand projections, we created two distinct target markets: single students and students with families. As a result, we recommended moving forward with the public-private housing development. The 224-bed, $22 million Ponderosa Village opened in 2014.