Atlanta Braves / Cobb Chamber of Commerce


Franchise Economic And Fiscal Benefits Analysis

In 2013 the Atlanta National League Baseball Club engaged B&D to provide an independent inquiry to help the team understand the 20-year economic and fiscal benefits of franchise operations on the city of Atlanta and the state of Georgia. The team sought this information to address capital improvement funding needs for the Turner Field Stadium Complex in advance of the current lease’s expiration in 2017. Our scope of work was, in part, to establish a basis for public support for project improvements by conducting a 20-year net present value analysis of annual economic and fiscal impacts based on annual estimations. Separate line items were created to project direct and indirect economic impacts, and each was analyzed based on its source of impact, whether by business operation variables or macroeconomic forces. In addition, sensitivity analyses were conducted to understand the effect that changes in inflation and project-associated risk levels might have on the present value of economic impacts.

Later that year the Cobb Chamber of Commerce engaged us to complete an economic benefits study for a potential new major league ballpark and entertainment center in Cobb County, Georgia. County officials had entered into negotiations with the Atlanta Braves for the development of a new home for the baseball team and a planned mixed use neighborhood on adjacent parcels. The chamber required a comprehensive and accurate benefits study to support the public approvals process. We completed a comprehensive benefits study that included the construction and operating impacts on local employment, economic activity, and fiscal revenues. The analysis considered the impacts of both a $670 million Major League ballpark and nearly $400 million in ancillary development. The county utilized our findings during the public approvals process, and the project was approved. The ballpark is expected to open in time for the 2017 baseball season.