Kirkwood Community College

Cedar Rapids,

Foodservice Retail Analysis

In 2002 B&D was selected by Kirkwood Community College to study its foodservice retail operations, benchmark the operations’ financial performance, understand student response to on-campus foodservice operations, and suggest new strategies for increasing revenue and margin. The primary purpose of this study was to give the college the necessary data and recommendations required to improve the operation of the existing facility and to take a strategic approach to planning new facilities. Because the college’s primary foodservice area was in a centrally located building that acted as the student union for the campus, related campus planning, patron flow, and merchandising issues also were examined. We completed a market analysis that included a series of focus group interviews with students, faculty, and staff, a review of existing foodservice options on and off campus, and a comparison of existing campus foodservice retail financial data to other national schools. The analysis yielded recommendations to the college for improved margins and operational practices.