Georgia Regents University Augusta


Foodservice And Retail Master Plan

In 2012 B&D was selected by Georgia Regents University Augusta (formerly Augusta State University, in collaboration with Georgia Health Sciences University) to perform a detailed assessment of its foodservice and retail needs on Walton Way Campus. Our scope of work included focus groups, administrative interviews, a competitive context analysis, an Internet-based survey, a demand analysis, off-campus market research, and a preliminary analysis of the plan’s financial feasibility. Through this process, it was determined that Walton Way’s foodservice facilities were not adequately meeting institutional needs, both from a strategic vision perspective and from a campus demand perspective. While there was strong demand from the campus community for additional Walton Way foodservice spaces, minimal interest existed for additional non-foodservice retail space. Additionally, overcrowding and limited hours of operation were hampering the Campus’s ability to serve as a recruitment and retention tool. As a result, we recommended that, as part of Augusta State’s and Georgia Health Sciences’ transition toward becoming a consolidated institution, campus dining must clarify its role in achieving an overall vision for Walton Way. Also, foodservice operations should be expanded to include additional seating, an increased number of foodservice concepts, and additional hours of operation in the evening and on weekends. Meanwhile, in order to maximize the impact of Walton Way’s foodservice infrastructure on the campus community, it must be co-located with other campus demand drivers such as housing, recreation space, or other student activity settings. Finally, increasing meal plan participation would serve the dual purpose of encouraging non-academic engagement between various members of the campus community, while also improving the financial feasibility of Walton Way’s foodservice operation.


Presented by Chet Roach, Joe Winters, Eric Bram, Karl Munschy, and Jay Stroman at the 2012 NACAS Annual Conference.