National Cancer Institute


Fitness Center Needs Assessment And Program Of Architectural Requirements

B&D was selected by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in 2009 to develop a program of architectural requirements for a fitness center for its new campus. This new campus was intended to provide NCI state-of-the-art buildings; allow for growth for future scientific programs; and allow for expansion and decompression of current programs. In addition to preparing the program, we were tasked with conducting an assessment for the proposed fitness facility, which would cater to all NCI employees and contractors. We conducted an assessment to confirm and establish goals and objectives for the center which included: a visioning session with NCI’s fitness and wellness committee; a review of survey results from NCI employees; and a tour of area fitness centers. Through this process, we established a set of goals and objectives critical to the center’s successful implementation. The central goal of the new facility was to attract individuals who typically did not use fitness facilities. In addition, the center needed to serve as the central point for employees interested in participating in fitness-related activities and as a clearinghouse of information that promoted healthy living. Our program of architectural requirements was a guideline for the design and construction of the center, which would serve an estimated 2,400 employees, and it allowed for future expansion in the event of increased demand.