University of California, Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara,

Faculty/staff Housing Strategic Business And Operations Management Plan

B&D, in partnership with Studley, was retained by the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2007 to provide consulting services related to the preparation of a strategic business and operations management plan for on-campus workforce housing. The project was initiated with a “visioning” session in which university stakeholders were led through a series of questions, observations, and issues related to the university’s faculty/staff housing program. From these discussions, a series of case statements emerged providing a direction / mission statement for the program. The goal of the visioning session was to identify the perceptions and realities of current conditions to inform what was needed and envisioned for the future of this program. We issued comparative narrative describing elements of housing structure alternatives, as well as the impact of each on the 65 existing workforce housing units. The project team then combined these findings and gathered market data to arrive at a recommendation for the most appropriate property on which to develop. We determined that the university’s priorities required a focus on a primary target market of young faculty recruits within a larger secondary target market of staff and more senior faculty. The team also advised on the appropriate for-sale/rental mix, unit mix, and amenities to include in this new property development.