Los Angeles Unified School District

Los Angeles,

Facilities Prioritization Planning Services

B&D was engaged in 2014 by the Los Angeles Unified School District to provide facilities prioritization planning services for the district’s School Upgrade Program (SUP). The SUP was the next phase of the district’s construction bond program to modernize, build, and repair existing school facilities. The prioritization plan was based on the following overarching SUP goals and principles: schools should be safe and secure; facilities should align with instructional requirements and visions; and school buildings’ systems should be sound and efficient. We supported the district by prioritizing the SUP’s spending target of approximately $4 billion for major renovations, modernizations, and reconfigurations to existing school buildings. A prioritization tool was developed and utilized to determine sites with the highest need, using school-based data points and information such as physical and functional conditions. A site-specific scoping framework was developed to identify and prioritize projects for the schools determined to have the highest need. The final plan was submitted to the district and Board of Education that same year. Elementary school facility condition data was completed that fall and was made available for analysis within the prioritization tool.