St. Peter’s Interparish School


Facilities Needs Assessment

St. Peter’s Interparish School is a pre-K to eighth grade parochial school that serves four urban parishes in Washington, DC’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. In 2006 the school was in the midst of a demographic and population shift and needed to identify how its environment was changing and formulate appropriate strategies to respond to these changes. B&D was engaged to perform a preliminary assessment and our scope of work included: a demographic trend analysis; an analysis of residential permitting and pipeline development; a neighborhood study to gain a view of comparable institutions; and focus groups with parents. We concluded that both the surrounding neighborhood and the primary parishes witnessed significant population growth in the last five years and this was predicted to continue for some time. Demand at the school existed beyond its capacity and it could expect to at least double its enrollment in the next four to six years. The focus then was on either acquiring property or remaining at its current space.