Little Rock School District

Little Rock,

Facilities Master Plan

In 2013 Little Rock School District selected B&D—as part of a team led by Fanning Howey—to perform capital improvement planning services for the district’s 2014 facilities master plan. The plan would include physical and educational adequacy assessments of the full inventory of buildings, enrollment projections, and a facility capacity and utilization analysis. In addition, we were tasked with completing subsequent analyses of master plan options at each site, along with overall cost and scope scenarios for future capital improvements over the next three to six years. Our role was to develop cost scenarios and analyze the options for the most efficient use of resources and space. While the overall physical condition of the schools was sound, it was determined that the buildings needed improvements to meet 21st century educational adequacy standards and capacity issues. Little Rock is facing a shortage of middle school and high school space, while elementary schools have an overage of space. We are in the process of finalizing the plan with Fanning Howey for presentation to the Board of Directors and the district.