Florida State University


Dining Strategic Plan

Florida State University retained B&D in 2015 to complete a campus-wide dining program assessment and create future program initiatives to meet, if not exceed, the university’s philosophical, operational, and financial objectives for its dining program. At the time of the project, the university’s dining operation served over 40,000 students, employees, and visitors from 22 on-campus eateries. We initiated the assignment by leading a Strategic Asset Value visioning session with academic and administrative stakeholders to gain consensus on the dining program’s objectives and how they aligned with the university’s goals overall. We went on to lead the following:

• Focus group sessions with students, faculty, and staff to gain initial context and insights about the program.
• Tours of all on-campus and campus-edge dining facilities to understand the dining program’s built environment, equipment, and concepts and to facilitate a competitive analysis of the off-campus competition.
• A competitive context analysis of collegiate dining programs to provide insights on how the University compared to its industry peer set and aspirational dining programs.
• A web-based campus community survey to establish a baseline of satisfaction and gauge interest in future concepts and programmatic development.
• Analyses of dining demand, potential service gaps, meal plan offerings, and pricing structure to create data-driven recommendations.
• An analysis of the existing dining program’s financial performance and future valuation.

Our work culminated in the establishment of nine key initiatives to meet the university’s dining program goals. We crafted key performance indicators to set and track measurable operational and financial goals.