St. Christopher’s School


Dining And Student Center Program Of Architectural Requirements And Program Management

In 2007 St. Christopher’s School contracted B&D to facilitate the concept development for a student center facility. Our responsibilities included an evaluation of siting options, development of building program approaches, assistance with area tours, and detailed programming workshops. The school had determined a need to increase the quality of dining, student activity space, and programs to enhance community and interaction. This new student center would enable it to realize a valuable increase in quality and a variety of offerings. Our work plan included a visioning session, a programming workshop, a capital budget exercise, and a blocking and stacking review. The resulting document was a program of architectural requirements, including itemized data sheets for each room. The concept was a 29,000 SF facility anchored by a 275-seat dining room and an additional dining area for 100 seats that could operate at different times. Other elements included a “loud library,” an active lounge, a retail store, and spaces for student organizations. We were then retained to provide program management services for the new facility. As a result, the Luck Leadership Center opened in 2012.