California University of Pennsylvania


Convocation Center / Arena Market Analysis And Business Plan

In 2005 the California University of Pennsylvania needed a comprehensive market analysis to support its plan for a new convocation center. The university wanted it located on campus and programmed to include public assembly, conferencing, and ice rink spaces. It hired B&D to do this analysis and examine regional markets, evaluate competitive features, make a projection of facility use, and quantify the project’s financial prospects. One configuration we recommended focused primarily on the regional business and conference market within a 20-mile radius. While university administrators acknowledged the market demand for a 3,500-seat arena, the objectives and mission of the university were rightly given precedence, and the arena was sized to accommodate commencement activities. The concluding project concept for the convocation center included a 142,000 square foot arena with an 11,000 square foot business center with 6,000 square feet of meeting space, and a 500-seat ice rink with an NHL-sized ice sheet. The 6,000-seat, 142,000 square foot, $59 million Convocation Center opened in December 2011.