Fredericksburg-Stafford Park Authority


Community Recreation Survey And Economic Impact Analysis

Funded jointly by Fredericksburg and Stafford County residents in Virginia, the Fredericksburg-Stafford Park Authority (FSPA) is a regional authority responsible for four parks that straddle a river on the border between the City of Fredericksburg and Stafford County. In 2005, the FSPA engaged B&D to identify park usage patterns among residents of both jurisdictions. Their intention was to use the data and analysis from our report as a resource when considering potential changes in its funding equation. To complete our work, we administered and analyzed a paper survey to gauge past park use among Fredericksburg and Stafford County households. In addition, we conducted a telephone survey of major group users of FSPA parks to determine the economic and fiscal impacts of event participants and spectators. B&D concluded that Stafford County residents accounted for approximately 81% of households that used FSPA parks, and approximately 85% of total visits to the parks. Interestingly, B&D’s survey of group users indicated that Fredericksburg—due to the fact that it was home to a majority of the local restaurants, gas stations, and hotels—benefited most, economically and fiscally, from group users and spectators.