City of Evanston, IL


Community Recreation Needs Assessment And Location Analysis

In 2001 the City of Evanston wanted a needs assessment and location analysis for a new community recreation center for Southeast Evanston. One of the only recreation programs offered in the area at the time operated from a 50-foot trailer and served only 50 children daily. The city wanted to determine whether the citizens would support the development of a recreation-focused center in the area and what facilities they would want included. B&D was retained to work on this project and our scope of work included a detailed market analysis, architectural programming, financial analysis, and site planning. We gathered community input through a series of public meetings and focus groups, compared recreation facilities in the other areas of Evanston, and conducted a detailed survey of the community. The concepts we proposed to the City Council ranged in size from 33,000 to 51,000 SF with total costs ranging from $7.3 to $15.3 million, The Council voted to accept the report, but could not dedicate funds at the time. State Representatives committed to continue searching for funds to make this dream a reality for the residents of Southeast Evanston.