City of Woodbridge, NJ


Community Recreation Market Study And Business Plan

B&D was engaged by the City of Woodbridge in 2000 to conduct a market analysis and develop a business plan for a community recreation facility that the city had designed and was preparing to build. The facility included a variety of program elements ranging from an ice sheet and swimming pool to community meeting spaces, game rooms, and a food court. The city sought advice on the potential privatization of the management of some or all of these components and the development of a self-supporting financial plan for the facility. We conducted a market analysis and projected the potential revenue performance of each of the individual facility elements, researched the universe of existing private management entities (including for-profit corporations and not-for-profit entities such as the YMCA), and conducted a cost-benefit analysis of each program element on both a publicly operated and a privatized basis. Our findings and recommendations were presented to the Woodbridge mayor and included the need to contract with both a local YMCA and a for-profit family entertainment center operator for separate components of the facility