City of Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach,

Community Recreation Feasibility Study

In 2006 B&D was retained by the City of Virginia Beach to complete a feasibility study for a new indoor sports facility in its Princess Anne Commons, and conduct an operational assessment of its Sportsplex. In keeping with the vision of the commons to create a vibrant place to “live, work, play, and learn,” the city wanted to explore the viability of a new indoor sports venue to complement the existing inventory of athletic and recreation spaces and make the area a year-round destination. The first part of this study involved a facility assessment analysis of current conditions to understand current space allocations, functionality, and physical conditions of the Sportsplex. We conducted several tours of the facility and interviewed staff members from Parks and Recreation and from the Virginia Beach Mariners, a professional soccer team and the main tenant of the Sportsplex that accounted for a majority of the facility’s events. Our work consisted of: a visioning session with key stakeholders to establish strategic objectives and identify current gaps in facilities, services, and available programs; a detailed market analysis to examine demographics and market characteristics; interviews with public and private entities to gain an understanding of existing conditions; site analysis of a new indoor venue within Princess Anne Commons; development of a preliminary building program based on our market analysis and the city’s strategic objectives; and development of alternatives for the project based on the financial estimates and partnership opportunities. The study clearly identified a need for an indoor venue that would be consistent with the vision of the Princess Anne Commons, address the expressed demand from the community, and complement the existing area venues. Since most activities at the commons took place during the spring and summer months, a new indoor venue would create the opportunity to brand it as a true year-round athletic campus. As a result, the City moved forward with a new 175,000 SF, $15 million sports facility. The Virginia Beach Field House opened in September 2010.