Triad Sports Foundation


Community Recreation Feasibility Analysis

The Triad Sports Foundation selected B&D in 2006 to assess the feasibility of developing a community recreation facility to serve North Carolina’s Triad Region. The foundation, in partnership with other private entities, was in the process of acquiring multiple parcels of land in the region for development of a recreation-themed facility. Our work involved a market analysis and meetings with key stakeholders and local politicians to define strategic objectives, which were to: generate economic activity for the region; provide a community asset; develop partnership opportunities; enhance value of the development; and provide financial sustainability. Our market analysis included examining the demographics of the region to understand the area’s proclivity for certain recreation activities and how these interests compared to national trends. We then developed a complete inventory of private and public facilities in the area to determine how the community was currently being served. Based on the information gathered and studied, we developed case studies that demonstrated the strengths and weaknesses of various options and how they related to the established strategic objectives.