City of Alexandria, VA


Community Recreation Facilities Program Management

B&D was engaged by the City of Alexandria’s Department of Recreation, Parks, and Cultural Activities (RPCA) in 2014 to help implement multiple small park renovation projects throughout the city. The renovation projects are part of the city’s larger master planning efforts of improving its parks. At the time, the city was managing programming, planning, and implementation internally. But the city was uncertain whether future funding would be approved, as past funding was held in backlogged projects including full athletic court replacement, full baseball backstop replacement, fencing replacement, and court resurfacing. Knowing RPCA did not have capacity to clear the project backlog, the city hired us to supplement its implementation management operation.

RPCA tasked us with the following:

• Write and review scoping documentation
• Verify and select contractors
• Oversee daily construction and implementation
• Control budget and schedule
• Advise RPCA with recommendations pertaining to concerns experienced in the field

To complete this assignment, we provided support to RPCA to complete daily site walks at each construction site as well as manage daily communications between RPCA and contractors. We assisted with community relations by conducting community site meetings and calling citizens to answer questions about the projects. We provided RPCA with the resources necessary to complete the scope of work, advise the department on best options, and relieve the backlog. The end result was a dramatically reduced backlog, through which RPCA was able to request future funding for additional projects.