City of Newport News, VA

Newport News,

Community Recreation Centers Market Analysis, Program Of Architectural Requirements, And Design Consultation

B&D worked on an assignment for the City of Newport News in 1994 to conduct a detailed market analysis and architectural programming for three community recreation centers at separate sites in the city, including one in the economically depressed East End. We completed demographic analyses, user interviews, written consumer surveys, and our proprietary Demand-Based Programming Model to quantitatively assess demand, project economic support for the projects, and program the buildings in specific response to the market. In addition, we conducted sessions with a group comprised of representatives from various community groups in order to ensure thorough participation in project planning. Because the socioeconomic makeup of the populations surrounding each of the three project sites differed from one another, the recreational market demand and facility needs were unique to each site. The projects were programmed as individualized responses to their markets. We also wrote detailed architectural program documents for the three projects and provided design consultation to the architect.