City of Maricopa, AZ


Community Recreation Center Market Analysis And Operational Assessment

In 2012, the City of Maricopa contracted B&D, in coordination with Architekton, to conduct a market analysis and operational assessment for a proposed 52,000 GSF Multigenerational Center. The purpose of the study was to provide the city with the data needed to make an informed decision on how best to operate the planned facility. Our work plan consisted of analyzing the city’s recreational resources and facilities; conducting focus group interviews and competitive benchmarking studies to identify program and facility priorities and preferences; developing financial models to project how the city would operate and program the facility; and identifying qualitative and quantitative differences between a self-operated and a third-party-operated facility. We presented the city with several financial models, each of which reflected varying levels of subsidy required by the city, depending on membership fees and other revenues. We outlined the savings, expenses, and risk variances related to city-operated and third-party-operated approaches. We also developed a hybrid approach whereby the city would provide subsidies to a third-party provider, which could reduce membership costs while maintaining the expertise of a third-party provider. It was recommended that important non-economic factors also be taken into consideration, such as the ballot measure that implied city ownership and operation, the programming ability of the operator, and the usage preferences of the community as outlined by the focus group and interview results. The $20 million Copper Sky Multigenerational Center opened in 2014.