Lower Paxton Township, PA

Lower Paxton,

Community Center Feasibility Analysis, Financial Analysis, Design Review

In 1997 B&D, in association with the architectural firm Hughes Group Architects, was retained by Lower Paxton Township to provide a detailed financial analysis review for a proposed community center. We reviewed schematic designs for the project and preliminary operating and capital cost estimates performed by the township in order to confirm the project’s feasibility. We also worked with Lower Paxton to develop sophisticated financing alternatives to maximize capital available for the project. Our specific responsibilities were to conduct financial analyses that would allow Lower Paxton to make the best possible decisions for its residents. This included a demographic analysis, a review of local health clubs, an evaluation of public financial support options, and development of a detailed financial model to project the building’s anticipated performance over a 30-year period. We also worked with Lower Paxton and Hughes Group Architects during critical design stages to ensure the building would maximize potential revenues and reduce Lower Paxton’s financial risk. The 62,000 square foot, $15 million Friendship Center was completed in 2000, with initial operating performance closely matching our projections.