Vision '007


Community Center Business Plan

By 2004 Vision ‘007 had identified a need to create a facility that provided a safe environment where children, families, and communities could participate in supervised recreation activities and benefit from educational programs aimed at nurturing young people into productive members of the community. As a result, Vision ‘007 retained the services of B&D to help refine its goals and strategies and develop a business plan to evaluate the feasibility of building the Northwest Detroit Youth and Family Center. We helped its Board of Directors define a clear mission statement and set of objectives so each proposed facility component could be reconciled with the organizational mission. We then completed a market analysis to assess the need for recreational and educational programming in the area. The process began with a site analysis and review of existing area facilities. In addition, we conducted focus groups with community leaders, residents, educators, and students. An analysis of the market demographics was performed to determine penetration rates and target groups and this information was used to develop three development options: a mission-driven recommended program; a contingency program assuming greater-than-expected fundraising that would lead to a larger facility; a contingency program assuming lower-than-expected fundraising that would lead to a smaller facility. Finally, we developed a financial analysis that balanced revenues with operational expenses and fundraising expectations. The effort culminated in a business plan to serve three essential functions for the new center: to develop a clear mission statement that would define the programs and services offered in the facility; to develop a financial model using different scenarios to guide efforts on fundraising and programming; and to be an implementation guide for the opening and general management of the proposed facility.