McMorran Civic Center Authority

Port Huron,

Civic Center Repurposing Study

The McMorran Civic Center Authority retained B&D in 2013 to define the potential market demand for its McMorran Place Sports and Entertainment Center, identify a market-responsive improvements plan and budget, and quantify the impact of a refined business plan for the facility’s financial operations. We led a visioning and strategy session with the McMorran Civic Center Authority Board to identify key drivers and desired outcomes for any possible improvements to the center. Additionally we conducted a market analysis, a peer facility analysis, an investigation of potential re-use options, phone interviews with regional content providers, and an economic analysis with a comprehensive financial model. Our research and analysis revealed both the challenges and opportunities for renovating and repurposing the center. While facing operational issues on par with comparable 50-year-old facilities, the building could continue to be a viable venue for public and private use through target marketing and branding efforts, expanded seating and back-of-the-house areas, cosmetic interior and exterior improvements, and higher advertising visibility. Specific re-use opportunities for indoor sports activities also were identified. Our financial model integrated pro formas, revenue calculations, attendance schedules, and operating expense calculations into a single model designed to analyze changes to the project on a specific or project-wide basis. The model included event-specific assumptions, demonstrated the impact of making improvements to the center, and showed a potential for future partnerships to sustain the center’s viability.