Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


Campus Space Utilization Analysis

In 2014 Southern Illinois University Edwardsville retained B&D, along with Comprehensive Facilities Planning, Inc., to perform a campus space utilization assessment. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the existing conditions and provide recommendations on how to effectively utilize campus space including classrooms, laboratories, administrative areas, housing, and meeting spaces. At the time, the university housed 11,573 on-campus students in 749,242 assignable square feet and was undertaking a phased 15-20-year building program consisting of renovations and new development. The methodology used to quantify and measure the university’s space needs was a formula-based process that used space inventory, class schedules, credit hours, and personnel. Additional data was provided through interviews with deans and directors. Key steps in the assessment included a usage analysis of the University’s 127 classrooms and 85 labs. Office space allocations, library areas, and other study areas were analyzed to determine shortages or surpluses per department. We performed an analysis of on-campus student housing in order to understand current utilization, develop preliminary recommendations, and determine the university’s standing relative to peer institutions. Additionally, an assessment was conducted of meeting and event spaces. We presented the university with a summary document outlining existing spaces by room type and their calculated surplus or deficit―information designed to aid in the development of policies and procedures in any future renovation or new construction project. Our team’s analysis revealed that the university had sufficient space to handle its classroom and lab needs but needed several policy changes to more effectively utilize existing space. Recommendations included implementing a campus-wide room reservation system, creating a facilities inventory database verified through field audits, and developing a campus-wide space allocation procedure.