Spartanburg Day School


Campus Redevelopment Preliminary Assessment

In 2007 Spartanburg Day School retained B&D to conduct a space needs analysis in conjunction with the potential development of a new upper school facility. The analysis included studies of existing campus facilities and usage, benchmarking of comparable institutions, and recommendations for accommodating growth in student population. Our work involved: a review of existing facilities and usage; a capacity analysis; a benchmarking study; and a space demand analysis. We found that the school could transition to a ‘homeroom’ operating model if it could develop a facility that would accommodate 12 general classrooms, four science labs, and five language classrooms. We also identified spaces on campus that could be used for the expansion of the middle school in its new ‘homeroom’ model. We found that building a new upper school would provide a unique opportunity to achieve properly sized facilities, capitalize on operational efficiencies, and construct an architectural centerpiece of the school that would provide a centralized experience for its students.