University of Montana


Campus Recreation Feasibility Study And Referendum Support

In 1998 the University of Montana retained B&D to study the feasibility of expanding its current recreational facilities and determine the students’ support for raising their fee to help secure funding for the improved facilities. At the time, the university’s recreational facilities were scattered across campus and were shared with various departments on campus, making it difficult to run an effective program and supervise all the activities. In addition, one facility had been flooded in early 1998 and was no longer usable. Our scope of work included evaluating existing facilities and analyzing the supply of, and demand for, recreational facilities and services on and near the campus. Focus group interviews and a survey were used to gauge potential demand for various activity spaces. The campus community’s views about critical issues of the proposed project were monitored in order to keep it marketable. In 1999 a record number of students voted to raise their fees $65 per semester to support financing the improvements. The turnout of voters was the highest in the history of the school. In 1999, the Board of Trustees approved the renovation and addition project and the $14 million, 79,000 SF Fitness and Recreation Center was completed in 2001.