University of Pennsylvania


Campus Recreation And Athletics Feasibility Study Update And Programming

After evaluating the need for improvements to the University of Pennsylvania’s recreation and athletic facilities in the late 1990s, B&D was selected again in 2003 to add detail to the second phase of its plan. Additional programming for the field house addressed current and future athletic needs, and the remainder of campus recreation demand within the context of a rapidly evolving university vision. The updated program for the field house included the original concept of an indoor track and additional recreation court space, as well as new indoor tennis courts, a new competition swimming pool, athletic training facilities, and new squash courts. This program and associated schematic concepts developed by B&D were presented to the university in 2003. After the acquisition of a large amount of property at the edge of campus, the university again hired us in 2005 to refine both the Phase II field house concept and the Phase III outdoor fields’ concept. We revisited the athletic and recreation program needs and coordinated with the architects to develop space requirements and functional relationships for all program elements. We developed a new Phase II and Phase III concept that included the replacement of Hutchinson Gymnasium, the development of a new field house, and a consolidation and expansion of outdoor fields. This new concept was delivered to the university in early 2006. As a result of our identifying usable space in the existing facade of 80-year-old Franklin Field, the concept for George A. Weiss Pavilion was born and the 55,000 SF, $22.5 million renovation project was completed in 2010.