Middlesex School


Campus Program Plan

In 2008, Middlesex School—through its project manager Linbeck Corporation—engaged B&D to examine the school’s physical plant as a whole and benchmark it against comparable national institutions. The focus of this plan was to consolidate and update work we had previously completed, including a residential master plan (1996) and an academic plan (2004), and to perform a rigorous review and analysis of the school’s performing arts, fine arts, and administrative needs. The goal was to develop a comprehensive plan to provide direction for new campus facility developments and renovations to support the student population and the school’s vision. Our work included an analysis of existing facilities, a review of previous documentation, a review and analysis of facilities at comparable schools, a schedule and classroom utilization analysis, and the development of outline programs and facility utilization and development concepts. Throughout the assignment, we worked closely with selected trustees, faculty, and administrators and coordinated with school personnel involved in curriculum, scheduling, enrollment, admissions, and staffing, particularly during the research and assessment portions of the project.