Bucknell University


Campus Master Plan Advisory Services

Client Opportunity

  • Refine the campus master plan, realigning original planning strategies with the university’s current and future needs
  • Evaluate potential projects in the context of the university’s strategic goals and the key principles of its 2008 plan
  • Revisit the Land Use Plan developed as part of the 2008 master plan and determine the most appropriate land use strategies
  • Allocate construction and renovation program funds to their highest and best use
  • Examine and recommend project delivery methods, assuring feasibility of the plan with respect to budgets and timelines

B&D Process

  • Conducted multiple stakeholder interviews on housing, dining, parking and transportation, athletics and recreation, information technology, communications, and admissions
  • Met with the mayor and borough manager of Lewisburg to gain their input on Bucknell’s impact on the surrounding community
  • Evaluated and prioritized recommendations from the 2008 master plan
  • Formulated appropriate financing structures and developed a plan for their implementation

Project Highlights

  • Four themes emerged as driving forces in the creation of the university’s targeted new master plan: New academic buildings, campus housing needs, reconfigured and/or additional life spaces, and parking and traffic
  • University to utilize these themes to provide guidance and clarity in terms of prioritization and sequencing of its capital projects
  • Timing framework provided for new and renovation projects, campus enhancements, and infrastructure needs
  • University to study pros and cons of public-private partnerships based on B&D’s recommendation for the range of projects set out in the plan