Milwaukee Area Technical College


Campus Master Plan

In 2011, Milwaukee Area Technical College selected B&D and a team of consultants to develop a 10-year facility master plan for the College’s four campuses. The goal of the master plan was to achieve specific outcomes based on purpose, mission, and need as derived from strategic imperatives. Our team completed an academic plan, identifying educational programs needed to meet current and future workforce needs, including program recommendations, resource assessments, building and space utilization needs, technology advancements, and enrollment analyses. Next, an environmental scan assessed external forces impacting College operations, including trends and projections for economic development, employment, technology, demographics, transportation/parking, and educational delivery methods. Through a facilities assessment, we analyzed current space, deficiencies, and future needs, including future land acquisitions, carbon reduction and reporting, deferred maintenance, facility life, sustainability, multipurposing, and security and safety. We also developed a facilities implementation plan—the framework for the implementation of capital improvement to support the College’s mission. Finally, a facilities intelligence plan produced long-term recommendations on automated controls and system designs that would provide both extensive energy efficiency and significant financial return.