Duke University


Campus Improvements Market Analysis And Program Of Architectural Requirements

In 2002 Duke University needed a market analysis and project statement for improvements to the existing West Campus Village facilities. This study was to focus on both improvements to the facilities and additions that met the school’s campus plan and community-building objectives. B&D was retained for this work and our tasks included: an assessment of existing conditions; focus groups with students, faculty, and staff; a student survey; and an architectural program and project budget to define the proposed project concepts. We determined that the existing facilities did not meet campus needs for community-building nor did they provide an activity space. As a result we recommended the school renovate and expand the facilities to meet those needs in a phased-in approach, as follows: Phase l, a new outdoor space to become the activity hub; Phase ll, renovation of the 209,000 SF Bryan Center; Phase lll, renovation of the West Union; and Phase lV, renovation of the Flowers Building and Page Auditorium. In August 2006, the university completed work on the new 40,000 square foot, $10 million West Campus Plaza, which has since become a central gathering space for the campus community. Nine years later, the $8 million renovation to Page Auditorium was completed. And in September 2016, the $62 million West Union renovation was completed.


As the campus community evaluates the recommendations in the recently released Campus Culture Initiative report, the University has also begun a rigorous evaluation of the West Union Building and other social spaces on West Campus, administrators confirmed Wednesday.