St. Albans School


Campus Expansion Facility Programming

In 2003 St. Albans School selected B&D to investigate the school’s utilization of existing facilities, develop and evaluate a variety of facilities improvement alternatives, and provide space program requirements for campus improvements to be incorporated into the campus master plan. Our assignment was a coordinated effort with Machado and Silvetti Associates, the architect hired by the school to complete a strategic facilities study. The original goal of this study was to “further investigate issues raised by the school’s Long Range Plan” and examine the “physical needs of the school as it looks to the future.” As the study documented a number of facility improvements under consideration by the school, our charge was to conduct a holistic study and understanding of campus facilities to make all the elements fit together in a documented comprehensive list of program needs. In order to develop these recommendations, we completed a number of interviews and focus groups, a student survey, planning meetings, utilization schedule analysis, benchmarking of comparable independent school facilities, and documentation of space needs. Our final report set forth the study’s findings and recommendations within the context of the school’s objectives and Long Range Plan, and sought to maximize the value of current facilities while expanding key areas to best position the school and support its educational mission in the future. As a result, the school completed construction of Marriott Hall in 2009. Part comprehensive renovation and part new construction, the 70,000 SF, $12 million facility houses a student center, classrooms, faculty offices, a library, and an auditorium.