Simon G. Atkins Community Development Corporation


Campus Edge Master Plan

In 2008 B&D was retained by the Simon G. Atkins Community Development Corporation (“CDC”) to guide Winston-Salem State University, Winston-Salem city officials, and the neighboring community in forming a master plan for the Martin Luther King Jr. Drive Corridor. The subject area spans approximately two miles and runs directly through the university campus. In partnership with the university, the CDC is the primary vehicle to engage community stakeholders in the revitalization of the neighborhood. It prioritized the development of the areas on the edge of the university’s campus to advance the economic viability of the surrounding community while continuing to support the university’s progress. We were tasked with developing an MLK Corridor Plan that would lay the groundwork for attracting partners and guide future development initiatives. The main objectives for the plan were: develop a coherent vision for the area; quantify the potential impact that could be achieved through carefully managing this area (e.g. jobs, tax base, social benefits); and assemble a detailed plan that could be utilized for area growth and development.