University of Utah

Salt Lake City,

Campus Edge Development And Retail Assessment

In 2013 the University of Utah selected B&D to make recommendations for the development of a campus edge, mixed-use project on a site adjacent to the Salt Lake City campus. Potential site uses included student housing, an Alumni Village, office space, clinical and lab space for research, medical offices, retail, and facility and maintenance operations space. Our approach involved extensive market analysis to determine the right mix of potential uses. We conducted on-campus strategic sessions and individual interviews with stakeholders in order to determine space needs and strategic objectives. Extensive local market assessments helped us identify the value of developing office, clinical, and retail space on the site. In addition, an online survey was used to determine the demand for student, faculty/staff, and alumni housing. In order to assess demand for an Alumni Village, we worked closely with the University of Utah’s Alumni Association in order to implement on online survey. Based on the survey results, we were able to quantify the interest in retirement housing near the university, as well as determine the appropriate range of services and support that would appeal to seniors.