International Town & Gown Association


Campus Edge Assessment

In 2013 B&D initiated a pro-bono partnership with the International Town & Gown Association. Formed in 2008, ITGA’s mission is to improve the quality of life in town-gown communities by creating networks of professionals and resources interested in enhancing the relationship between scholastic institutions and the cities they inhabit. Many of the issues ITGA deals with in town-gown communities across the country mirror the issues that we address for clients, but both parties were hampered by a lack of information about these issues on a national scale. In order to address this knowledge gap, we and ITGA collaborated on a survey that focused on the most common and persistent town-gown issues affecting communities nationwide. The survey asked questions around six topics: demographics, town-gown relationship effectiveness, quality-of-life issues, economic development, development of the built environment, and shared municipal services. We and ITGA developed the survey together, after which we used our experience with survey administration and analysis to distribute the survey and produce a deliverable highlighting key findings. The survey is currently in its fourth year and the results are published every year for the benefit of ITGA members and our clients. An article in the summer 2016 issue of the Journal for the Society of College and University Planning highlights the quantitative evidence from the survey for practices that improve town-gown relations. We and ITGA revise the survey each year to ensure the highest quality data on town-gown relations is available to our clients and ITGA’s members.