Campus Dining Program Advisory Services

Georgetown Day School (GDS) engaged Brailsford & Dunlavey in the summer of 2017 as the school developed its vision for a dining program. Design drawings for an extensive campus consolidation project were underway and were to be presented to the DC Board of Zoning the following fall. As one piece of that presentation, GDS needed to provide clarity of vision for its dining program.

B&D led the school’s decision-makers through its proprietary Strategic Asset Value process, discussing the various independent strategic objectives of the school and how dining services could support each while reaching an overall vision for the school. After consolidating the findings, B&D provided the targeted ideal for the school’s dining program.

• A dining program vision statement was developed to ensure long-term consistency in decision-making
• A facility solution was included in the vision to guide the school through the project’s schematic and design development phases
• The advisory services were constructed to serve as a basis for discussions on the dining plan’s operational and business planning
• The physical programming notes included in the vision statement were designed to be dynamic and subject to regular adjustment as future discussions occurred
• Outcomes of B&D’s services demonstrated that the school’s dining program:
 Supported the school’s curriculum and vision
 Served as an informal educational tool
 Contributed to campus community health and wellbeing
 Provided student interaction and leadership development