Central Michigan University

Mount Pleasant,

Campus Dining Advisory Services — Contract Review and Options Assessment

In the spring of 2016, Central Michigan University engaged Brailsford & Dunlavey to conduct a student life master plan to help strengthen the vital connection between the student experience and the students’ personal and academic success. As part of this analysis, B&D assessed the dining program’s operating contract and financial performance, identifying opportunities for improving both. Subsequently, the University re-engaged B&D in August of 2016 to conduct a detailed contract review and create an action plan with the following objectives:

• Modernize the dining contract structure to incorporate dining contracting best practices
• Protect CMU’s best interests through enhanced program transparency and accountability
• Incentivize the dining contractor to prevent complacency, continually enhance the student experience, and achieve desired financial performance
• Support long-term partnership success by creating a win-win contract, supported by operational standards and expectations
• Elevate the dining program’s operational and financial performances to enhance the attractiveness of the account, should the University decide to rebid the contract

B&D conducted a detailed review of the current contract, assessed the operational and financial impacts of various operating models, and ultimately crafted an action plan tailored to suit the University’s short- and long-term needs. The planning process was a collaborative one, incorporating feedback and insight from University stakeholders, including Student Affairs, Auxiliary Services, and Contracting and Purchasing Services.