Rowan University


Campus Development Strategic Plan

In 2007, Rowan University had been considering initiating development on land recently acquired on its West Campus. Utilized as farmland at the time, this land had been eyed by private developers as a potential development site—possibly via a public/private partnership. The university wanted to know with more clarity how to align the best uses of this land parcel with its strategic and mission-based objectives. The plan, presented by Opus East, LLC, identified a mix of uses which would include retail, athletic venues, and campus residence halls. While the proposed plan presented an attractive option for Rowan and its community, the university desired a strategic assessment of the proposed alternatives developed in tandem with its financial and planning goals. As a result, the university retained B&D to complete a strategic plan for the West Campus, which consisted of a series of examinations to provide a comprehensive analysis of the proposed land uses for site. Our tasks included: an assessment of existing and future athletic facility needs; a campus housing demand analysis; a campus population model to assist with transportation strategies; and an analysis of desired compatible retail uses. Each analysis was accompanied by an integrated financial model to enable informed decisions by the university.