Mandalay Entertainment Group


Baseball Franchise Market Analysis

B&D was retained by Mandalay Entertainment Group in 2003 to analyze the Springfield, Missouri market’s ability to support a Double-A or Triple-A Minor League Baseball franchise. At the time, a new ballpark of Double-A standards was being constructed privately without an anchor tenant in place. Meanwhile, a new independent league ballpark had opened four years earlier. Therefore, our ultimate objective was to determine which level of Minor League Baseball, if any, could be supported by Springfield, and the level of competition between the two facilities. Our analysis revealed that the Springfield market was inconsistent with the characteristics of Triple-A markets, but compared well with current Double-A markets. Its population ranked in the middle of the bottom half of all Double-A markets and was projected to grow quickly. In addition, Springfield’s concentration of wealth lay in the middle-income brackets. In reviewing the recent movement of Double-A teams, we discovered a relocation trend with teams moving from larger cities to smaller ones closely resembling Springfield’s size. We concluded that the Springfield market would be able to support a Double-A team, but would require strategic marketing goals to address the personal wealth and independent league baseball challenges.