RFK Stadium – MLB Washington Nationals


Ballpark Renovation Program Management

When Major League Baseball relocated the Montreal Expos to Washington DC in 2004, it needed to find a temporary home until a new stadium could be built. That temporary home was the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium. B&D was hired to provide program management for this renovation project which was comprised of many modernizations made necessary because a professional baseball game had not been played there in 34 years. The scope was complicated because the stadium was also the home of DC’s soccer league, United, whose season is precisely the same as MLB’s. The improvements, therefore, had to address not only modernization but also frequent conversion between baseball and soccer. The work included: a complete reconstruction of the field and restoration of the stadium’s originally designed convertible seating system; reconstruction of the club house; newly constructed visitors’ locker rooms; complete reconstruction of the press box to include modern broadcast technology; new team offices; and upgrades for ADA requirements. Despite the project’s delayed start and constrained budget, the stadium opened for its first MLB game on April 3, 2005 and its first MLS game on April 9, 2005 to universal accolades. The project went on to receive a ‘Best of 2005’ award from Mid-Atlantic Construction magazine, and a ‘Building of America’ honor from Real Estate & Construction Review.