Macon-Bibb County, GA

Macon-Bibb County,

Ballpark Feasibility Study

In November 2015, Macon-Bibb County engaged Brailsford & Dunlavey to conduct a ballpark feasibility study for a new Minor League Baseball franchise and ballpark. The County wanted the potential project to serve as a catalyst for ancillary downtown development, generate an economic benefit, provide affordable family entertainment, and advance the County’s position as the hub of middle Georgia.

The work plan for this project involved B&D’s proprietary Strategic Asset Value project initiation meeting with key stakeholders to identify the project’s key drivers. After agreement was reached on the drivers, B&D went on to develop a market analysis, an analysis of eight potential sites, an economic and fiscal benefits review, and a financial plan.

Based on its findings, B&D concluded that the County could support a new Class A MiLB ballpark, assuming a high caliber owner / operator that would effectively market the team, and an appropriately-sized ballpark with modern amenities. Additionally, B&D recommended the ballpark be built on a downtown site to best achieve desired outcomes from the ballpark’s construction and ongoing operations.

B&D advised that next steps should include:

• Determining the appropriate share of public and private funding / support that would be committed
• Developing a sources-and-uses document
• Engaging in discussions with MiLB and franchise owners / operators to gauge interest
• Selecting a site and refining the program and budget accordingly
• Creating a comprehensive project implementation schedule

At the time of this writing, the plan still needs approval from the Macon-Bibb County Commission to proceed.