Classic Park – MiLB Class A Lake County Captains

Lake County,

Ballpark Feasibility Analysis And Program Management

B&D serves as the Sports Facility consultant to the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission, the body through which the State of Ohio participates in funding sports facilities at the major league levels. In this role we have provided consulting on the market and financial feasibility, economic impact potential, design, and construction of almost every major league and minor league professional sports facility developed in Ohio since 1996. Ultimately we are responsible for advising the state on the approval of project funding. In 2000 we analyzed the financial feasibility of the preliminary plan for Eastlake Ballpark, which was developed to be the central feature in the city’s revitalized business district, anchoring a major mixed-use development. Our responsibilities included reviewing pertinent project documentation including feasibility, financing, design, and construction documents in accordance with the state’s requirements. We approved the state’s funding of $350,000 and $500,000 more in appropriations for the implementation of the project. The $20 million Classic Park opened in 2003 as the new home of the lake County Captains with standard seating for 6,150, including 20 luxury suites. In addition, the standing room and grass seating area allows for crowds in excess of 10,000.